The Green Room


The Green Room is a cosy and vibey spot for people to sit and enjoy some nice drinks while listening to good tunes. An alternative to the madness of late bars, and something a little different than the traditional pub atmosphere. Located in Dingle, The Green Room doubles as a music venue and runs/hosts concerts and events that are an integral aspect of their identity.

Our concept for this logo is quite simply a tribute to music. We drew inspiration from record labels, speakeasies, and vintage wallpaper to set the tone. 

The main ingredient of the new identity is a suite of pictograms representing the 3 main components of The Green Room’s offer: cocktails, beer, music. Used alone, they almost function as a charade, a clue to help people find their way to this nearly hidden bar tucked away on Strand St. Combined with the deliciously retro Hertical typeface, they form an old-fashioned yet enduring mark that matches The Green Room’s nostalgic atmosphere.

Design: BlankSlate
Typeface: Hertical Sans Smooth, by Edignwn Type
Photos: Unsplash

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