House of EQ


House of EQ believes that aroma has a profound effect on our brain, our mood and our character, which in turn impacts how we perceive the world around us. To inspire this more emotionally connected way of living, House of EQ offers a selection of sensory experiences which include fragrance design, aroma mixology and candle making workshops, as well as a selection of candle making kits that allow customers to relax and develop their own personal aroma for their space.  

"We have become a society that focuses on the ‘IQ’s’ and the ‘to-do’s’ while neglecting what it means to simply ‘be you’. House of EQ are the architects of opportunity to change this. By opening the gateways to the senses, we are paving the way for cultivating and celebrating uniqueness."
- Rachel Forbes, House of EQ

We worked with House of EQ to craft a new identity and visual language that brings its packaging, tone of voice and communications a confident look and feel, positioning it as the brand that shifts the conversation around emotional intelligence to a more relatable and personal one, rooted in openness and warmth. This way, the identity reflects the brand mission to champion and be a partner in their audiences’ wellbeing, but also to champion them in creating emotionally intelligent communities that help us to build a happier, healthier, more productive and compassionate society.

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